VLAD ANDERSON - Vanessa Jackson

I once considered myself a well-disciplined individual, dedicated to maintaining a high level of fitness and healthy living. After serving in the U.S. Marines and working for a paramilitary organization, I continued my commitment to preserve this life style. In the last several years, however, age, chronic injuries and an extensive workload has prevented me from maintaining the life style I was accustomed to. Unable to work out, I experienced significant weight gains - I felt bloated all the time - could not get a good night sleep and felt fatigue throughout the day. I knew for a fact that I lacked the proper nutrition plan, but how was I to learn to eat properly?

I have known Vanessa Jackson for a number of years. Years earlier she had provided me with direction on age-appropriate workouts. While speaking to her recently, I shared with her my challenges and current frustrations.

Vanessa asked me to trust her and to commit to changing my habits. She presented with a dietary plan that she promised would change my thinking - and fitness level. Despite my current physical state, I took on the challenge she provided. She provided me with information on proper eating, fitness and overtime I saw myself transforming into someone I felt comfortable with. We spoke often; she always reinforced good eating habits, provided guidance and direction, all at a moments notice. Her electrifying “can do” attitude, was contagious and motivated me to work at reaching our objectives. As time elapsed, I began seeing, feeling and understanding what was once a distant aspiration. I began to not only feel better, but I felt rejuvenated. I challenged myself in ways I never had before. For some of you eating vegetables might seem normal, but for me it was nothing I had ever pursued. I hated vegetables. I found myself these foods and other food items, I never would have contemplated consuming. I prepared meals ahead of time and shared photos of my meals, back and forth with her, to show my commitment to the cause; better living.

Her initial challenge proved very useful. I got on the right track. I not only lost fat, but I continue to eat healthy. As a result I feel significantly better throughout the day and sleep very well at night. Most importantly, I reached a level in my life where I can proudly say that I am all around healthy.

I’m indebted to my mentor, guide, supporter and friend,

Semper Fi,

Vlad Anderson