Physical & Nutritional - Vanessa Jackson

This is by far the most popular pillar & I would have to say I believe it’s because you can physically ‘see’ tangible results.  Most of my clients’ starts with this pillar then, move to the other pillars as they see fit. 

In the physical/nutritional pillar, you will work on exactly what you expect; your physique & nutrition.  I will lay out a complete 30 day plan of simple workouts for you to do along with a very specific customized nutrition regimen to help 'reset' your body. This will be done the way Mother Nature intended it to be done; food from the earth.  No pills, potions, lotions or gimmicks.

The nutritional aspect of this pillar is by far the most important of the two!  It will require you to be consistent & disciplined.  And, don't worry; you won't need to count calories, weigh your food or do anything crazy.  You'll just eat delicious, nutritious food so keep in mind, it’s only for 30 days and the best part is you WILL see results!   Guaranteed or your money back! 

Yes, that’s right…we can dramatically change your life in just 30 days!  Don’t believe me…just check out my clients who have already gotten results & see for yourself.