JUDI FARR - Vanessa Jackson

I’ve always valued Vanessa’s leadership advise and admired her for ability to set goals and obtain them in a timely manner. At 64, I wanted to eat better, lose weight and become stronger to ensure I could enjoy my family as long as humanly possible and in the best health.

Following Vanessa’s program has given me a new appreciation for “real food” without artificial additives and chemicals and I’ve learned how our bodies react when fed what it needs as opposed to what we think we want to feed it. Old habits die hard! We ALL know we’re supposed to eat well, we just don’t know or remember HOW to do it. Vanessa’s daily touches with advise, encouragement and accountability helped me realize I wasn’t on this journey alone anymore.

With Vanessa’s help I have lost weight without feeling hungry or by eating packaged lotions and potions or pills. I’ve conquered learning what exercises to use and when to do them to become stronger and leaner then I have been for years. When I faltered, Vanessa was there… When I exceled, Vanessa was there…. She has helped me realize that it’s not just about doing what’s right today it’s about knowing your WHY and being consistent every day. For instance, Sugar is an addiction and recognizing that is changing my life.

If you want to succeed and just don’t remember what that feels like any longer, I strongly suggest working with Vanessa to achieve your goals for life.

Judi Farr

New Hampshire