Add-On Services - Vanessa Jackson

Add-on Services

In addition to each of the 30-day Challenges, Train For Life also offers many other services including:

Grocery Shopping(in person or virtual) – This service is designed to help you to know how to shop & what to buy when shopping. This is one of the most popular services requested.

Customized Meal Plan - I will create a customized meal plan just for you based on your wants and needs to help you achieve your goals because we all know abs are made in the kitchen.

Maintenance ​- It's not just about getting started or even reaching your goals but about maintaining them. I have a maintenance program in place for those of you who would like to repeat a pillar or stay on a regular maintenance program to ensure your results are lasting ones. Remember, this can be a change for the rest of your life, if you want it to be.

Living the 5 Pillars – This is an exclusive option that is only for those who truly want to see what it’s like to actually live each of these 5 pillars on a daily basis for a solid week. You will stay with me at my home in beautiful southern California and every day we will practice each of the 5 pillars together. I will coach you throughout the day & you will have my attention to ask me whatever questions you may have through this entire transformation you will make while here. Food, entertainment & transportation is included. (Entertainment could include things like surfing, beach time, hiking, biking, stand-up paddle boarding, boating, zip-lining, beach volleyball, roller blading, canoeing, swimming, etc)