About - Vanessa Jackson

As a firm believer of leading by example, I was my first client and have been working on solutions for myself for decades now.  When people would ask me how I stay fit or eat healthfully or how I'm so happy all the time I would let them know it wasn't by accident. I purposely and actively work on myself on a daily basis to achieve & create the life I want to live. Vanessa has been involved in fitness most of her life.  

She started taking dance classes when she was 12 years old. This immediately became a passion of hers and that was when she decided she wanted to become an actress and dancer on Broadway!  At 16, Vanessa's plan to be a dancer on Broadway were quickly changed as she found herself pregnant with her daughter (now 32 years old).  

She struggled as a single teen mom for many years but looking back realized this is exactly the path that was best for her.  During her struggle, she found that if she wanted something she had to earn it by working hard; sometimes harder than others around her.  

Overcoming, domestic violence after she was almost killed by her boyfriend she knew she had a long path to recovery.

This helped her develop her 'why' and she worked regularly on her mindset through personal growth & development.  She reached a certain level of success but it was just the beginning of her truly believing in herself that she is more powerful then she ever thought possible.  She went on to develop teams of over 100,000 individuals while she worked in the field of Network Marketing.  

She also developed a Women's Empowerment Workshop as she realized there were so many others just like her out there that shared her domestic violence background.  

She realized that by sharing her story others would step up & share theirs allowing more people to find help & heal in addition to developing a larger support system.  

She started dreaming again & realizing those dreams were not just for the chosen or the lucky but for every human being if they were willing to believe & work hard to achieve those dreams.  

She set a goal of entering a Fitness Competition & in 2005 became the NPC Fitness Champion.  

This helped to launch her career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and Health & Wellness Director of several fitness facilities across the country.  

She went back into the industry of Network Marketing as a Corporate Sales Trainer helping several companies achieve great success!  In 2016, she bought a house in Southern California and continues to live her passion, sharing it with as many others as she can along the way and giving back as much as possible as she believes that paying it forward is one of the best ways to live a healthy life.  Taking regular exotic vacations & making it a point to visit her family 4x's a year who live 3000 miles away is just one of the ways Vanessa truly Lives On Purpose.   

I want to Live on Purpose & not just go through the motions.  

This is why I knew I needed to start this company...it was a necessity, it was in demand but, it is also my passion.  Come join me!