ARMANDO TORRES - Vanessa Jackson

The Power of Accountability and Doability When Vanessa introduced me to this program, my life was going 100 miles per hour.

I was on diabetes medications, I felt drained ALL THE TIME. And, I was launching a new business in a new city. I thought, I can't diet now, I don't have time for that.

Here comes the magic. Vanessa introduced me to a new way of thinking. A true lifestyle. The food is amazing and easily attainable. I mean you can literally eat awesome and healthy. On top of that her accountability program and coaching makes all the difference.

I was concerned with dieting because most diets I feel deprived and depressed. With Vanessa's program, 24 hours after I started I was able to have my sugar levels under control and I had the energy of an 18 year old. What's better is that I did not feel like slitting my wrist.

I am on a run to get back to the top of my industry. I need to get my body stage ready. I also need to maintain high energy. For the first time since I enlisted in the Marine Corp do I feel that I CAN DO THIS! Without starving, having high energy and having a true coach in my corner that encourages and motivates me.

I am eternally grateful. Now that my body is in order, I can conquer the world. Love you Vanessa. Thanks for saving my life.

Armando Torres